Types of Bubble Tea Machines

Bubble tea, or simply boba, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that has become increasingly popular all around the world. The drink consists of tea, milk and tapioca balls (also known as bubbles). It is believed to have been created by a Taiwanese pearl milk tea shop owner who wanted to add something to his drinks that would make them more fun.

Bubble tea, however has to be prepared from specific boba machine that can guarantee its consistent results every time. Here are the key different types of bubble tea machines available:

Cup Sealers

These machines use a motorized stirrer to mix your ingredients together and then seal your cups with a hot stamping device or foil sealer to keep everything fresh until serving time later on in the day or week! You’ll also find these types of machines in use at most high-volume bubble tea shops out there – they’re reliable workhorses that produce consistent results every time!

This type of machine also works well for cold drinks, like smoothies or slushies, because it prevents them from melting as quickly as they would if left uncovered in a refrigerator. It also helps keep liquids from leaking out of their containers when traveling or transporting them from place to place.

The Automatic Fructose Dispenser

This is another type of bubble tea machine that uses an automatic fructose dispenser to make your drink. This machine has two parts: the dispenser and the mixing bowl. The dispenser contains all of the ingredients needed for making your drink, which is then mixed in with water in the mixing bowl before being poured into cups to serve customers.

Cup Shakers

These machines use shakers to mix liquids together before pouring them into cups for customers. The shakers are powered by air pressure to shake up the contents so you don’t have to do it manually. This type of bubble tea machine can hold multiple flavors at once so that you don’t have to make them one at a time like other types do. For example, if you want green tea with coconut milk and strawberries then all three ingredients will go into one cup.

Tea Extractors

Tea extractors use cold water to extract all of the flavor from tea leaves without actually heating them up, which can cause damage to delicate flavors. The resulting brew is then dispensed using gravity instead of pushing air through it like in other machines. The result is a much more subtle flavor profile than other machines can produce, but they’re also much more expensive than automatic fructose dispensers or hot water dispensers.


If you have a bubble tea business or you want to start one, you should have a good grasp of what equipment is needed for the task. This will ensure that you will have the perfect tea for your customers. You may also find that these machines can be used in other areas of your business aside from making your own bubble tea.



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